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 A story of Sulu 5 Planet (Part 1)

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Helen Killer

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: A story of Sulu 5 Planet (Part 1)   Wed Dec 01, 2010 9:05 pm

A long time ago, in a disc-shaped galaxy, a rocket ship streaked through outer space. The rocket, piloted by an astronaut carried 4 passengers. The passengers were citizens from the planet Eros, whose society called for a daily explosive release of erotic mental energy. The government of Eros emphatically developed a colonial curriculum to export its cultural ideas. So they assemble a committee to collaborate and facilitate their national program.
The committee consisted of four experts, each highly skilled in different areas. The first member was a botanist adept in locating the elusive hot dog tree. The second member was geneticist specializing in calculating the evolution of different generations of funny tobacco. The third member was a geologist accomplished in geology of precious volcanic gemstones. The fourth member was a brain enclosed in a floating transparent box.
The brain was the committee’s leader, whose duties include delegating authority and also capitalizing on any opportunities that they should encounter. The committee’s destination was an industrialized planet on the outskirts of the universe called Sulu 5. The natives of Sulu 5 were primitive and easily controlled by supernatural beings that lived within the planet’s rocks. Under the supervision of the beings, the natives illustrated a remarkable ability to construct complex superstructures. The enormous buildings were built using feather and stone. Integrated into the stone was a network of electronics that housed the supernatural beings. The being’s natural life energy supplied the electric for the building.
The rocket ship from Eros shot an aluminum panther into Mars as a good luck sign before leaving for Sulu 5. It took them 2 light years to reach Sulu 5. When they approach Sulu 5, the captain piloted the ship into a low orbit around the planet and gradually descended onto the surface. It landed outside a strange complex of buildings. The majestic compound was enclosed by an assembly of statue made of malformed skull. The architecture of the statues resembles bottles with spark plugs on top.

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A story of Sulu 5 Planet (Part 1)

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