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 A story of Sulu 5 Planet (Part 2)

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Helen Killer

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: A story of Sulu 5 Planet (Part 2)   Wed Dec 01, 2010 9:06 pm

The four experts from Eros stepped off the ship and stood in wonder at the picturesque scenery. It was already sunset, so they decided to set up camp. Sitting around the campfire, they each told their story. The brain was the first to tell his story. The brain once had an athletic, muscular human body but a freak accident at the nuclear plant char the surface of his body. Several medical technicians tried but fail to save his body. One talented technician attempts a risky but unethical procedure. First he injected the brain with fancy coil, a gaudy globe and a well made rope. The tool flashed multiple hues of reds and greens. The apparatus thoroughly separated the brain from its body. All the doctors, even the blind ones, were astonished at this feat of medical science. The military instantly seize control of the brain in order to exploit this new creative. The army was appointed the guardian of the brain. They didn’t know what to do with it, so they placed it in storage in the back corner of a modern laboratory. There the brain languished for over two decades until a professor accidentally discovered it and took it home. The professor nursed the brain back to its full capacity using an experimental drug. One side effect of the drug was that it super changes the brain’s intelligence.
The geneticist tale began like many others: a small town boy dreaming of making it big in the city. As an adolescent, he was considered a gifted photographer, often winning many amateur photo contests. As a young adult, he turned his attention to filmmaking and hitchhiked his way across the continent to the movie capital of the world. Once there he immersed himself in the art of movie making. He learned the subtle camera techniques in cinematography class. He quickly mastered the nuance of scrip writing and the creative aspects of film editing. His training culminated in his senior film project. His motion picture had all the elements of a great Shakespearian tragedy. The film was about gender confused chimpanzee and their struggle to be accepted in the social fabric of society. He was immensely proud of his film but his instructor and the film critic didn’t think so. They blasted his film in an explosive array of verbal abuse. They denounced his film saying it was an unpatriotic story and an appalling insult to the integrity of the movie industry. Needless to say, he was disappointed and quit. He next focused his attention to transgender genetics and then he became a she, named Lola. Lola read poetry about taking a walk on the wild side while the colored girls sang, “Do, d-do, d-do” in the background. In the time, she was welcomed by the community and became an excomplex geneticist. She became the team’s research supervisor.
The biologist’s story was like a fairy tale. She said she was once a famous dancer. Her fans called her the “Dancing Queen”. She was the rage of the dance club scene, attracting admirer from over the world. One night, her performance caught the eye of a celebrity reporter. He was enthralling by her natural beauty, by the graceful movements of her supple body. When their eye unexpectedly met, there was an immediate attraction. She couldn’t escape his gaze and it energized her, making her dance like she never danced before. In her mind, the audiences faded and disappear. This dance was for him only. She started with a furious rendition of rumba. She whirled and kicked her legs high causing her dress to fly up, exposing the silky flesh of her legs. She then did a slow tango. Pressing her body against the backdrop, she posed provocatively urging him with her eyes. She alternated short and long steps as her hair flowed seductively in unison. She ended the dance lying on the stage relish the intensity of the moment. Shortly thereafter he shower with expensive gifts and promised her a life of luxury. He said he loved her because he needed her. Although she was tempted, she resisted and refused his offer. After awhile he became frustrated and decided to ask her one more time. This time, he didn’t come with extravagant gifts, he came humbly bearing only a simple smile and said he needed her because he loved her. She sensed that his love was honest and true, so she accepted his proposal. Their romance lasted for 40 years until old age claim him.
Finally, the geologist confessed his story. He used to be an officer and a key figure in the government. He had many responsibilities. He contested the validity of common stock. He appeared on a local TV program. He protected the interest of the stick people. He captured criminals that manipulate the rates of exchange at supermarkets. He often went on excursion and sightseeing tours to determine the security of his homeland. On one such excursion he encountered a strange, new sport: the toad licking race. Contestant in this sport were placed in a cage filled with toads, in which they had 8 minutes to detect and lick as many coconut flavor toads as they can. The moment, the geologist tried, he was hooked. At first he only entered the contest a few times a week then it steadily grew to everyday. His addiction became worse when he started to wager on the competition. A few months later, he masterminded to influence the outcome of the championship race. Naturally, his ploy was discovered by the authorities and also by the gangsters that operated the racket. He has been on the lam ever since, often changing identity in a blink of an eye.

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A story of Sulu 5 Planet (Part 2)

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