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 A story of Sulu 5 Planet (Part 3)

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Helen Killer

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: A story of Sulu 5 Planet (Part 3)   Wed Dec 01, 2010 9:07 pm

The next day the four individuals promptly decided to split into teams. The biologist and the geologist would explore the inside of the compound while the brain and the geneticist would interview the natives. The captain recommended they meet back at the ship to report their findings. They agreed.
The brain and the geneticist wandered through the maze of buildings searching for the natives. The brain pointed out a group of natives. They seemed to be absorbed in a game of chess. The group wildly cheered, often delivering loud grunts of displeasure. When the two interlopers approached the group, the group quickly silenced themselves and spoke only in soft whispers.
Meanwhile, the biologist and the geologist entered a gorgeous villa surrounded by aquatic plants. Inside there was a pageant of sorts. Hundreds of natives, largely clothed in frozen, shiny, hand embroidered fish scales, galloped around in a circle, occasionally stopping to read the letterings on a giant credit card mounted on the wall. The biologist thoroughly inspected the mechanized trees in the corner of the room. The trees were permanently built on top of a foundation of glassware. Miles of cable exuded from the trunk, reaching out in all directions. The geologist encountered a pink and purple gemstone in the middle of the room. In his greedy, he stealthily pocketed the gem, which set off a piercing alarm. A lightning fast bolt of energy electrified the greedy geologist, instantly liquefying his wrinkled old flesh. The biologist, horrified by the sequence of events, dashed for the exit. The supernatural beings called for the execution of the foreigners. The native entirely consumed with rage hunted for the rest of the committee.
The brain and the geneticist were idly chatting with each other when the group they were trying to interview attacked them. Two held the geneticist down while another welded beetles to her skin. The others started striking the brain’s box with bulldog legs, eventually cracking it. The box fractured, letting out a mist of green gas. The brain shrieked maniacally as it withered up into an unrecognizable mask.
The biologist was running downhill when she tripped and fell onto a spiked piggy bank. The angry mob caught up with her and bludgeoned her with the piggy bank until she whimpered no more.
The astronaut that piloted the ship panicked and prepare for an emergency lift off. He hurriedly shut all the hatches and blasted off into space. As the ship entered the space, he became weightless and floated around in the cabin. The spaceman felt a little more secure having left that awful planet. He drifted to the back of the ship when dozens of primitive arms dragged him into the blackness of the next compartment. In the vastness of space, no one heard him scream.

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A story of Sulu 5 Planet (Part 3)

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